Appliance repair and Care 

Important information about appliance repairs and care. 

Big kitchen appliances are very expensive machinery to replace; we would like to give you a few tips on how to care for your appliances. 

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Cleaning condenser coils

One of the most important tips is cleaning your fridge and keeping it clean on a regular bases. Remember to always unplug your electricity supply from your fridge before you do any work on it. The first point we want to mention is the cleaning of your condenser coils. The condenser coils are found at the backside of an older fridge or at the bottom of a newer model. (The newer models are normally covered with a panel, in the front or at the rear of a fridge.) 

Cleaning these coils can be done by using a simple soft brush and vacuum cleaner. Cleaning of these coils will expand the life of your fridge and even save you on your electricity bill. If the coils are dirty the fridge has to work harder to efficiently release heat. (Almost like having a blanket covering the coils.) Clean coils cool down faster which mean that your fridge does not have to work as hard. (We would recommend that you clean these coils every six months.)

Defrosting your fridge

Defrosting your fridge is also a very important factor when taking care and prolonging the lifespan of your fridge. Nobody like to do this, but it needs to be done. Ice layers can build up inside your fridge and freezer that will cause the fridge or freezer not working efficiently and increase your power usage.


Never overload your fridge, if you don't have enough space, buy a bigger fridge. Most fridges companies recommend that you fill your fridges not more than two thirds of its capacity, if you fail to do this you will block the cold airflow in the fridge. (Remember: Having an empty fridge is also not good, fridges need cool stuff in them to help with the cool down every time you open the door. If you don't have food in it, keep some cold water bottles in there.) Overall cleaning inside and outside, is also a big boost in the lifespan of your fridge. If dust and grime builds up underneath the door gaskets they can loosen their grip and allow cool air inside the fridge to leak out. This is where you keep your food after all, KEEP IT CLEAN!

Never store hot food in the refrigerator, let your food cool down to room temperature before you put it in the fridge. If you store hot food in the refrigerator you put more strain on the compressor and shorten its lifespan. Most of the tips we have mentioned here are to prolong the lifespan of all fridges, but also to save you money on the electricity bill.  

Washing Machines

Always clean your washing machine at least once a month. Cleaning your machine outside and inside not only helps your machine looking good, but also keeps your clothes from ending up with "oily stains" on them. Some people use Soaps that you can buy from the shop to deep clean there washing machines inside. If you do not have these soaps, you can use normal 5L of vinegar and run it on a soaking cycle (long cycle) with hot water. This will get rid of all the oils and leftover fabric softener inside the machine.  

Always open the door after each wash. I know if you have little children this could be tricky preventing them from throwing toys and stuff (that needs washing according to them) in the drum, but if you open the door after each wash the moisture inside will dry out and you will not end up with the sludge that gathers inside the drum boot or door rubber.  

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