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A Gas compliance certificate is required for gas appliances installed in homes. Certificates are
necessary for gas installations such as gas stoves, fireplaces, gas geysers or gas braai’s.

Registered and Authorised LP Gas Installers

An Authorised practitioner will be in possession of the new SAQCC Practitioners card. On the front of the card is the practitioners identity photograph. The reverse of the card includes a list of qualifications and the logo of the department of labour.

The SAQCC data base is also accessible to verify if person is authorised to issue COC.

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COC Inspection & COC Issue Process

If you have an existing gas installation, we will come out and inspect the installation and issue a COC when installation is compliant with SANS 10087-1:2013.

We charge R450-00 for a call out and R300-00 for the COC for the installation.

COC price will be R750-00 if installation is compliant.
If installation is not compliant then we charge the R550 call out and we will issue you with a report and quotation to rectify any non-compliant issues.
If minor changes are needed such as pigtail or orange hose replacement, we discuss pricing on the spot and complete necessary work, before we issue the COC.

The inspection is limited to the gas installation only and the gas certificate (COC) does not cover the actual gas appliances.

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LP GAS Installations

The law states that only qualified South African Qualification & Certification Committee ( SAQCC ) gas registered installers are allowed to install or service any as appliance. The law also require all gas installations to have a valid COC. Insurance companies also insist on a valid COC when processing claims.

Cupboard Installations

When you place your as cylinder inside a cupboard, next to your appliance. Usually a stove or hob.
Requirements for these installations :

  • The cupboard used for the cylinder MUST be sealed off from all other cupboards around it.
  • The cupboard door must be vented at TOP and BOTTOM to ensure free flow of air around cylinder.
  • The cupboard may not be directly below the appliance installed.
  • No electrical connections, plugs or switches are allowed inside cupboard used to house the cylinder.
  • No electrical plug or isolator switch allowed above appliance, against the wall. Or within 200 mm to the side of the appliance installed.
  • Flexible hose not allowed to pass through solid partition between cupboards.

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Outside Installations

  1. One of the first considerations when planning your gas installation is the location of the cylinders. You might fee the cylinders are an eyesore, and try to build enclosures for the cylinders, or try to hide them around the corner, out of sight. It often leads to disappointment when we have to tell you, that your proposed location may not be legal.
  2. Gas cylinders are not allowed to placed within certain minimum distances from certain features.

Such as :

  • At least 1 M from any door or window.
  • At least 2 M away from any open drain or manhole.
  • At least 5 M away from any electrical source, eg aircon, DB board, pool pumps.
  • Gas pex pipes need to be sleeved.
  • Cylinders either in a cage or secured with chain to prevent it from falling over.
  • Gas cages must allow at least 80% air into the cage.

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